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Setting schedule on OpenVPN (Asus Router) for connecting to OpenVPN server?

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So I have followed a number of threads here and just finally got my OpenVPN site to site going between two GT-AXE16000 routers so I can also do remote hyperbackups from my main home Synology NAS to a remote Synology NAS. Seems to be working perfectly! Added bonus is seamlessly being able to access both subnets from either location I am at physically. Which is nice.

Reason I had to do this method is because my remote network has its internet connection through Starlink, which does not provide public IPs. So only way I was able to figure to get around this was to set up my home router as an OpenVPN server with my remote router connected as a client. All great. Except I don't really need the client to be connected to my home router all the time. Really only need it from midnight to 6am when my hyperbackups are running.

Any way to set a schedule for a VPN client on an asus router to connect, and then otherwise not connect?

I guess if there is no harm to having the VPN site to site tunnel up and running all the time I can simply just keep it always connected. Just wasn't sure that was the smartest idea.

Any thoughts?

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