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Setting Up My 1st NAS on a Mac

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New Around Here
Hi all!

I'm a photographer with lots of data using a Mac and a lot of Adobe products in my workflow.

I just bought a Buffalo Terastation 4tb NAS and have had some difficulties, and it looks like perhaps it's because it doesn't run natively with Macs? Someone has commented to me that it's because it uses SMB & FTP and Mac users need AFP (I honestly don't really know what all this means!). I'm still within the return policy, so I'm continuing my search for a system that will work with my workflow!

I'm now looking at purchasing a 4 (or more) bay BYOD case and adding disks as needed so that when larger discs are created (like a 2TB) I can simply migrate over and not have to sink another couple grand into a new system.

From two days of reading reviews and attempting to learn about all this tech jargon, I think the Synology CS407 might be the best bet paired with some 1tb Seagate Barracuda SATA discs (over Netgear's Ready NAS NV or the Promise Smartstor NS4300N).

Considering that I know absolutely NOTHING about this sort of thing, can anyone give me advice on if this is something I should try by myself? Or if there's another route to take? Thanks much!

if you want to use a smb share (be it on a server or on a NAS) all you need to do is pressAPPLE-K in the finder, then in the "connect to server window" server address line: smb://yournasname or smb://yournasip

and you should be able to connect to any brand of networking device offering shares. AFP is not available on all NAS devices, but OS is perfectly capable of using the SMB fileshare protcol (like windows uses).

Thanks Ronald.... but that's not where my difficulties lie- to get industry specific, photographers commonly use Adobe Lightroom to process raw camera files into jpeg, the usable file. Normally, you export, and whammo, they're where you thought they'd be, safely in the client file. But when housing the client file on the NAS, they're invisible to Finder if they've been exported by this program (and might I ad that Adobe tech support would NOT help me because they "don't support server use." huh?) I can see them if I do a direct search for image number "080608_0001.jpg" but I'm sure you can imagine the ridiculousness of doing that for each and every image you need to use! A mac user on the Adobe Lightroom forum stated that it was because this NAS is not apple friendly (because it doesn't have APS)... and it sounded like a good explanation... but with computers these days, who knows. It could be because I just glanced at it funny and it's holding a grudge ;)

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