Setting up wifi, 5ghz, small band?

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Pergola Fabio

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Hi, i have 1 router , a rt-86u , fixed channel on 114 5ghz

i also have 2 other accesspoints from my ISP provider, setup to fixed to lower channels, so i dont have an overlap
if you look at my wifi analyzer, the purple is verry thin and small, while the other 2 access points are broader ... how can i configure it like that ?
see screenshot



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Channel 114 is a DFS channel, so it looks like the router has changed the channel to something like 140 with a bandwidth of 20MHz.

Check what the actual channel is in System Log - Wireless Log.

The reason it's shown so narrow is because the scale is different on each side of the graph. On the left one division is 4 channels, but on the right one division is 16 channels.
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