Setup AiMesh - 2 x AC86U


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Hi everyone.
First post here.

I have an AC86U which is fullyup to date with merlin firmware and runs perfectly.

I recentlybought another AC86U to setup a mesh andhave failed the setup at the 1st hurdle. Howdo I update the firmware on the new one. Do I haveto set this up completely as a new Router in order to access the control panel. AtpresentMesh isn't an optionI have on the when I connect to ethernetbut not to my router.

I'm getting a bit lost here at step 1.

Any help would be appreciated.


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If you dont setup the new router at all, you should be able use the aimesh setup on the original, and hit add node. Is this not working?
There wont be a mesh option on the new router when setting up. I believe some of the older units like 66u has that.


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Howdo I update the firmware on the new one.

Do minimal setup on the new router, update firmware to whatever you want, reset to factory default and add it to AiMesh in the main router GUI. You don't have to run Asuswrt-Merlin on the node. You may encounter node discovery issues with Asuswrt-Merlin running on the main router. Search SNB Forum for possible solutions and workarounds, if this happens. If your goal is maximum stable AiMesh, run latest stock Asuswrt on both routers.

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