Setup Asus mesh wifi 6 (2x xt8 or similar) with another router

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Hello - Big house, many devices, want to upgrade from Airties MESH 4920 to Wifi 6 (Asus XT8).
Is it possible to use 2 XT8 as MESH units only, but skip the routingpart? I have a fiberconnection + a Edgerouter (no wifi) +16 port switch just next to eachother and a fully ethernet wired house.
On two central locations, with power and wired ethernet, I have the 2 Airties mesh devices (6 years old) providing wifi around the house.
I would like to upgrade to Wifi6 and a better/more solid roaming experience when moving around in the house and garden.
I have considered a set of 2 XT8 (looks nice enough to be seen all day), but for speed and simplicity I will keep my router and swith in the far-a-way closet, which is not suitable for one of the XT8 acting like my central router.
SO, has anyone made an similar setup, they are somewhat expensive for 'two antenneas' (the XT8s), but will it work with the two acting like mesh? Or does the device work better, if one of them is configured as a router?
Best regards, Jakob


New Around Here

I did exactly that: I have a DSL connection and proprietary modem that works very well but the provider’s expansion boxes are not as good. My house is tall (3 floors), not wide and the stairs are located dead center. Heavy masonry, thick bricks.

Therefore, I am using 2 XT8’s as access points: 1 wired to the modem/router, the other 2 floors above (with floor heating). I get a -77 dBm, which is enough for a constant 340 Mbps around the upper node.

My only issue is not vertical, it is across the stairs, where I barely get the 5GHz channel. I solved it with a cheap repeater until I pull wires. At disposal for more info.


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