Setup Port Mirroring/ No option to disable NAT Acceleration on RT-AX88U (Merlin 384.18_0)

Austin Reed

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Hi all,

I'm a little green so please go easy on me. I'm currently studying for my GCIH and am trying to set up a home lab. At first, I wanted to purchase a network tap but decided it was too expensive so now I am trying to enable port mirroring on my RT-AX88U.

1. Could anyone tell me the proper way to do this on an RT-AX88U with 387.18 installed? I am running Security Onion on Vmware on my main PC. the server IP is
2. Referencing I am unable to find an option to disable NAT Acceleration
3. How do I forward all logs from scribe to security onion (udp or tcp port 514)

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This has been answered previously (please search).

Afaik, on the router, you can't.

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