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Setup sequence in upgrading from b to gigabit n

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This may be a stupid question, but I would like some advice about the sequence in transforming my setup from 802.11b to 802.11n. I will be replacing the existing router (old Linksys, new D-Link DIR-655), an adapter card for the laptop (old Dell with new D-Link DWA 642 or 652), and a pc nic (Intel pro-1000 GT) for the desktop. It makes sense to replace the nic first so that I can immediately take advantage of the higher transfer rate. (Per your advice, I will replace the existing CAT-5 cable with CAT 5e). However, with the router and adapter card, which should be installed first? I would think that the adapter card should be installed next, but I am not certain.

Finally, I received the DWA-642 as a free bonus with the router. Does the added speed and range of the DWA-652 justify its $54 expense? I will be using it on a laptop that is two floors, two walls, and 60ft from the router and desktop.

Thanks, for your help.

There is no "right" sequence. But if you install the router first, then you'll have a gigabit switch to attach your new gigabit NIC to. An 11b or 11g client will work with the draft 11n router. You just won't see any speed gain.

Both the DWA-642 and DWA-652 are Atheros clients with three antennas. I'd try the DWA-642 first and see if it does what you need.

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