SF250, SG250, SF350, SG350/350X/350XG, SF550X, SG550X/ 550XG, SX350X, SX550X Series Switches up to Software Version


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Seems there is a new firmware for Cisco Small Business Switches to With EOL last Oct and End of Software Maint 30 Oct 2022, I am glad they continue to support the switches. Wonder if the RV34X Routers will get one more push?

Software Download - Cisco Systems


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Cisco is the best at support. They fix a lot more things than consumer gear manufactures do. If something gets flagged, then they fix it. Consumer gear manufactures only fix really important things. If it gets tagged and they don't think is that important, then they don't bother to fix it. They want to sell more hardware.


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I was impressed that they did indeed follow through with another firmware load for the RV34X series routers as well. Though it was released after the end of support date I suspect this was just timing and that the plan was to release alongside the switch firmware load as one last push.

Either way, great support to the end. Still hoping (perhaps foolishly) that a replacement will appear in the coming months.

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