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Hi guys.

Is there a way to monitor the actual throughput on an interface?

Log into the router admin pages and go to System Log > Wireless Log, then look at the Rx/TX column for each device. Is this what you mean?
Thanks for the replys.

I meant to monitor switch ports, wan port and wireless AC.

For example: monitor the throughput from a host connected to port 3 of RT-AC86U.

Wireless log actually shows some good information but does not shows how much bandwith I'm consuming on a single interface.
Traffic Analyser tab shows some information that seems to be more related to WAN traffic. Also, there's a warning saying that Trend Micro will be collecting my statistics and I don't like that.

So, I was hoping to find some neat scripts like SpdMerlin, ScMerlin etc, for monitoring individual interfaces.

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