Signs of bad radio?

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Trying to see if I have a bad radio and if it may be time to put the unit to pasture or not. Have tried multiple firmware versions, reset from scratch to test wifi and no matter what I seemed to get same issue. When Smart connect is on (yes I know some don't prefer but I've used it for years without issue) I am unable to connect to my wifi on multiple devices (iphones and laptop). On the iphones I get "incorrect password" when I know it is correct. On the laptop the connection just goes in and out. If I split the wifi (2.4ghz and 5ghz), I can atleast connect to the 2.4 band on those devices. When trying to jump on the 5ghz, bad password returns along with disconnects. Is this the sign of the radio going bad?? The unit in question will be three years this year so I'd prefer to not have to replace it as I dont consider that to be old quite yet. :)

Edit: Nest thermostats are stating wrong password/unable to connect with 2.4ghz band......may be time to upgrade to the AX86 model. ;(
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