Simple fix for a strange reoccurring error/syslog


New Around Here
During last months, my RT-AX88U (running latest wrt-merlin) has been creating alot of "debug" info in my syslog;
All from a specific MAC address, looked up to be from SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS CO., LTD. as vendor.
I have tried to find this MAC address on my network, however not successfull:
- Not found during nmap scan.
- Not found in the Asus - Client list.

I have now successfully stopped the thousands of "debug" messages in my syslog by adding this specific MAC address to ASUS Wireless MAC Filter - "Reject"-list.

Example from what it used to looks like:

Anyone have any idea of what might be causing this? OR if there is a better way to fix the issue?
LAN is working as normal, no other problems or issues detected.

Regards, J.PDiddy

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