Simple multiple WAN options for home use

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After receiving my own advice on here, I recently learned that my parents have 2 broadband connections in their home (for reasons I won’t go into and both are locked in for a little while).

both are connected by ISP standard issue gateway/routers and with both being in a similar location, the wifi signal is pretty poor in parts of the house.

Can someone recommend a good solution that will support and spread connection over the 2 WANs and interface with say 2 or 3 APs with minimal fuss/expert knowledge?


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1) turn off the wireless in one or both of the ISP routers. Then get several APs - current cisco are very good and not expensive.. There are others. see threads with Sir Trip's lists.
2) an RV340 cisco unless you need more ports ( i would use a switch if you need it. i think the rv325 is EOL and EOS for cisco. The 340 is the replacement. i would avoid TPlink except as a throw away experiment.
3) what cabling do they have to other parts of the house ? Coax , CAT5e ? if coax, can use moca2 modems to extend ethernet to an AP. If cat5e, easy. you may be able to use POE++ over cat5e to the AP. if nothing, try most recent powerline solution. Best if only one set of powerline modems.


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Thanks for the above. There isn’t any useful cabling unfortunately. Could try and make use of TV coax or use powerline as you suggest but I think I could install a couple of runs of Ethernet cable if needed - it could all run externally up the brickwork. I suspect the cost of the electrician would be the same as the power line equipment.


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In that case, pay the electrician and do it right! The performance, reliability, and stability of the network would be at a different level than any PLA performance you can expect over the long term. :)

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