Simultaneous OpenVPN server and OpenVPN Client

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sam duang

New Around Here
Hi Guys,

I'm desperate for some help please... details below,

Current Setup:
I've got an ISP router with modem mode and ASUS RT-AC86U(384.19) as full blown router for all my home networking activities like WiFi, LAN etc. I've also enabled DMZ from ISP router through to ASUS router so any external request from internet are handled by ASUS router rather ISP router. Todate, I've had no issues connecting NordVPN with ASUS router's VPN client using TCP 443 and everything works like charm...

Future Setup:
Now, I'm trying to enable OpenVPN Server to gain access whilst working away from home. My plan is to re-use ASUS router(connected to NordVPN 24/7) to tunnel all my internet traffic as I'm away from home and connect other LAN devices from home network. This would help me avoid individual connections to NordVPN from my phone,ipad,laptop etc

Problem faced:
With this in mind, I've enabled routers VPNserver with default DDNS from and exported OpenVPN client settings using default port 1194. I tried connecting my phone (disabled WiFi using 4G) as VPN client but I get "UDP transport error as Network is unreachable" but if I disable NordVPN client everything seems to work fine by updating DDNS to pickup ISP IP rather NordVPN IP).

Am I missing something here ? any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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