Single device can't join new Asus ax53u


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I just got myself a new router Asus ax53u, upgrading from some really old D-Link.
Everything works well. Sonos, Phones, Laptops, Chromecast, no problem. EXCEPT my desktop computer.
It has a very old Edimax PCI-e network card, so I suspect compatibility issues?

The computer can connect to the old router. Even to my phone if I share a network.

The computer can connect to the new network, but have trouble getting an IP address.
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Results in: "An error occurred while renewing interface Wi-Fi : Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

I've attached the connection details and router settings.
Any help is HIGHLY appreciated!


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Have you disabled IPv4 in the Edimax's adapter settings?

I suggest that you change Wireless Mode to Auto, 802.11ax to Disable and Protected Management Frames to Disable.
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I connected to my phone as reference in the attached picture. As well as the IPv4 settings for both my phone and my home network


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And I can't change Protected Management Frames. Every time I change it from Capable to Disabled and press save, it just returns to being Capable after the admin site have reloaded. Kinda weird

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