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SIP & VOIP in Mesh setup


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I am working on setting up a Mesh network under FCC Part 97 rules for Broadband Hamnet.

I recently downloaded linphone & can make calls through it between my desktop computer, tablet & cell phone.

What I cannot get working is calls from an analog phone, connected into a Grandstream HT701 configured, so that I can make calls between it & all the other devices. I can make calls between the phone & my desktop computer using IP address, but I would like to be able to use the other devices as well.

Anyone who can help me get the settings correct, I would appreciate any help.


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Welcome to the community - couple of questions...

1) Have you checked in with your local ARRL chapter? They may already have a working solution in place, or folks doing parallel efforts with yours..

2) When you're calling, let's say from the Linphone on desktop to the Cell - is this all via SIP, or are you gateway'ing out to the PSTN?

Here's a great resource that one might want to bookmark if working with SIP phones and peering up on the PSTN



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I'm not touching PSTN at all. It is all straight VOIP with SIP. The Mesh network itself, isn't even connected to the Internet at this point.

I'll look at the link. ARRL is aware of this tech and there is a broadband hamnet site, but the documentation on this is lacking. Those of us who are figuring it out & working through it are writing down what works and what doesn't, so we can build some kind of guide that is readable & explains everything.

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