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Sky Broadband compatible Routers

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I’m looking to replace my sky router as it is shocking for signal and I would also like to prioritise bandwidth to certain devices.
I am aware that swapping a sky router is a pain because I need a router that supports option 60/61. I know next to nothing about router and google searches have left me really confused on whether it is possible to do?
any suggestions on which routers will work and what one to buy? One that is simple enough to work as a router and not a access point is what I’m looking for

any guides would also be a huge benefit :)
To avoid the difficulties of sorting out the Sky connection, in the end I bought my own router (TP-Links AX6000), connected it via wired ethernet to the Sky router (switched off WiFi on the Sky box, added a DMZ route to the new router) and used that. The Sky box became nothing more than an ADSL to ethernet adaptor.

Although it means having 2 boxes, it sorted out my coverage / speed issues and meant I didn't have to worry about trying to find a router and config to connect directly to the Sky ADSL line.
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