Skynet Skynet blocking some webshops

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I have a small problem with Skynet blocking access to the webshop I added the domain to the whitelist, but access is still blocked. If I disable Skynet I can access it, so it's not a problem with Diversion. had the same problem with, but adding this domain to the whitelist solved it. Can anybody help me with that?


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Search on how to 'follow' the sites being blocked and whitelist additional domains as they're found until it works.



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or check your logs and see what the ip block is for the sites that are being blocked and whitelist the ip range.

for example, the system log shows outgoing block for x.x.x.x ip address

check and see why its being blocked in skynet
from ssh in the router
"firewall stats search ip x.x.x.x"

check the IP block to see who owns it and the region its from and the range

whitelist the ip address or range
"firewall whitelist ip"

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