Skynet Ipset and Iptables

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Ok, I installed Skynet and I guess I'm missing something... Maybe someone can explain this to me.

I can see the lists created by Skynet by executing 'ipset -list -t'. I'll just list to a couple for example.

Name: Skynet-BlockedRanges
Type: hash:net
Revision: 6
Header: family inet hashsize 8192 maxelem 200000 comment
Size in memory: 1506668
References: 1
Number of entries: 20102

Name: Skynet-IOT
Type: hash:net
Revision: 6
Header: family inet hashsize 1024 maxelem 65536 comment
Size in memory: 352
References: 0
Number of entries: 0

Why don't I see the match-set(s) in iptables when executing 'iptables -vnL? i,e.

0 0 DROP tcp -- * * match-set list-name src

It's all fine and dandy to create lists of things but if they aren't being applied then what good are they?


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Check the raw table

iptables -t raw

Thanks. I see that now after digging around. I started analyzing the script to see how things were done and I found that the author does add the lists to the raw table in the PREROUTING and OUTPUT chain.

        iptables -t raw -I PREROUTING -i "$iface" -m set ! --match-set Skynet-Whitelist src -m set --match-set Skynet-Master src -j DROP 2>/dev/null
        iptables -t raw -I PREROUTING -i br0 -m set ! --match-set Skynet-Whitelist dst -m set --match-set Skynet-Master dst -j DROP 2>/dev/null
        iptables -t raw -I OUTPUT -m set ! --match-set Skynet-Whitelist dst -m set --match-set Skynet-Master dst -j DROP 2>/dev/null

The master list is a combination of the blacklist and blocked ranges list.

ipset -q -A Skynet-Master Skynet-Blacklist; ipset -q -A Skynet-Master Skynet-BlockedRanges

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