Slow DCHP renewal on 386.2 rt-ac86u

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Wade Coxon

Senior Member
Not sure if anyone else has notice something similar to this, but I appear to be seeing a delay when my network clients are requesting an IP via DHCP from my rt-ac86u.

The issue only seems to have been a problem in the last month or two, which would coincide with the release of 386.2, though I can't be sure it wasn't an issue before. This only came up recently when I had a client throw some errors when its GUI application was launching before the network had completed obtaining an IP, which led to the GUI app thinking it had an incomplete IP address configuration (subsequently restarting the GUI app without restarting the whole client resolves the error).

I did some tests using a CentOS V6 VM, and when I perform a netrwork restart, the dhclient renewal process reports a delay of 3.3s to perform a complete DHCP request.
Windows takes about 5s to return to a command prompt after running "ipconfig /renew".

My router is only running the Cake 2.0.0 and ntpMerlin addons, nothing fancy.
I have 42 entries in my router's DHCP manual assignment table.

Nothing shows up in the WebUI logs.

Any ideas?

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