Slow download in pfsense unless I use a VPN


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So after some issues with my Asus router I took some advice from here and built my own router using pfsense with an old PC (Intel I5-4590, 12GB Ram, Intel I350-T4 Network card)
I have a 900Mbs FTTP connection.
Great move, so much more control.

I notice that, if for example, I download the Window 11 ISO from Microsoft my connection varies a lot but never really goes above 300-400Mbps.
I have Nord VPN installed on my PC and if I enable that my download speed goes to pretty much max speed 750-900Mbps

Speed tests however seem to be showing max speed with no VPN activated.

Is this just my ISP doing some traffic management or is there some setting I have missed in the pfsense install?
I checked the MTU settings and they appear to be 1492 when connected to the ISP and 1420 when the VPN is running.


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Check the hardware acceleration page to ensure the last option is selected "AES-NI & BSD Crypto", I think its disabled by default for compatibility sake unless I'm mistaken, while you're at it on the same page you can enable the power savings option too. Lastly ensure you configured the VPN profile correctly:


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I misread OPs's post as having low WAN throughput with VPN in which case it would make sense. Having re-read, assuming a peering issue being bypassed when VPN is on, enabling higher speeds.


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Google, Apple, Microsoft load balance their servers. I see nothing wrong here.

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