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I have a problem with slowing down my internet connection. If I have nord vpn turned on, it drops from 300 mb to about 170 m. If I disable the vpn client on the router, the speed is correct, which is as provided by my ISP. RT-AC86U router. VPN nord vpn server set to UDP


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This is normal. It's about as fast as that router's VPN client can go.

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You can try different server endpoints, but the RT-AC86U has the best CPU with AES-NI VPN acceleration available right now in the Asus lineup.

The hardware can hit around 250Mbps (or slightly more), depending on the server you connect to. Since you hit 'only' 170Mbps, that suggests a slow server and nothing else you can do on your end if that is the only server connection available to you.


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You could also consider moving the OpenVPN client to another platform (like I did), such as a desktop PC. Makes a world of difference. Then reconfigure your network to make that PC the default gateway for VPN clients. Granted, it's a bit complicated to setup if you're not all that familiar w/ networking, but I gave up on OpenVPN client support on consumer routers a few years ago and never looked back. No matter how good the router, it's never going to compete w/ a full-blown PC in terms of performance. But I realize how convenient the router is for these purposes. And if you insist on that convenience, this is the price you have to pay.


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With AC86U I could get ~260Mbps only on 384 firmware. On 386 firmware it never goes above ~170Mbps. I don't know what was changed in 386.

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