Slow OpenVPN speeds on home setup

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New Around Here
I am writing to you guys in hope of you having a possible fix for my predicament.
I'm running an unraid server ( off of my old PC (i5-2500, 8GB RAM, standard motherboard and harddrives). It has worked splendidly the last couple of years, but I've recently moved away from the server and now I have to connect to it through OpenVPN. I setup a docker container for OpenVPN and everything else required and the connection itself works as it should. It's just so darned slow.
The cable connection at the servers end is 110/40, but I'm only receiving around 3mbit/s on my end (and I should easily be able to get around 40 mbit/s).
I'm using a windows pc with the OpenVPN-connect client in UDP-only mode.
If any of you has some help/experience to offer I'll be a happy camper.
In advance thanks

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