Slow portforwarded server on asus ax56-u running latest merlin

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I have 1/1Gbit connection + asus ax56u

I am hosting FTP and HTTP server at home, everything is OK, but server uoload speed is limited to 3MB/s at both FTP and HTTP(it starts at 10MB/s, and slowly drops to 3MB/s)

(So my friend cannot download from my FTP server faster than 3MB/s... Which is weird, as we both have gigabit


When I use old linksys router instead of ax56u, speeds are 60MB/s....

Any ideas why asus cause the problems?


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Here I made picture, I hope it will be more clear

Any ideas what can cause that? Asus should be more powerfull than linksys...


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Disable QoS on the router?

If that fails try cloning the Linksys' WAN MAC address onto the Asus' WAN interface.


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I solved it...

It was because of switch(cheap 1gbit 5port tplink) which I had connected before router(so it was ISP->Switch->Wan port of router... Cos of IPTV)

How is that possible that same switch works with linksys, but not with asus? :)

And also that regular traffic was OK, just portforwarded one caused problems

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