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Slow speed with RPi 3B+ and gig ethernet

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I bought a 5-port TP-link switch which I connected the Pi to instead of directly to the AC86U, no difference. Then I disovered that the switch had a web interface where I could enable flow control for each port so I enabled it for the Pi-port, the iperf3 speeds then went from 70-ish Mbps to 230Mbps+...

Is there something like flow control on the AC86U switch hardware?
I see it's been discussed here before, should have searched better. Seems still no solution though...
Just a question. What speed are you expecting?

If you did not know Ethernet on the Pi 3B+ (like all other Pi's) run off the USB 2.0 bus. This means while you will get a gig (on the 3B+) link you will NEVER get gig speed. You will max out at a theoretical 480 megabits per second because that is the fastest USB 2.0 goes.
The 3B+ is spec'd at a maximum 300.

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