Slow (wired) speedtests with RT-AC68W FW

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I have the router mentioned in the title and I subscribe to Cox gigablast which offers 1000Mbps download speed. I have the Asus router directly connected to the Cox panoramic WiFi modem/router which is in bridge mode.

When I run a speedtest directly from the Asus router interface (or from laptop connected to an ethernet port) I average around 200Mbps, but if I connect a laptop directly to my Cox panoramic router I get speed tests in the 600-700 Mbps range.

I don't have QoS enabled or AiProtection, everything is pretty much default.

Any tips or suggestions?


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Hi Deluxeg!

I don't know why, but when I upgraded my ASUS AC68U from 374 to 386 i experienced nothing but slowdowns: more latency, halved wired throughput. I connect directly to my fiber ONT, which provides gigabit ethernet. With the older FW everything ran fast and smooth, but with the new one my experience was that everything was slower. No factory resets would do.

Last saturday, I installed Merlin 374 LTS, which took 10 minutes, and everything went back to fast.

I am not saying newer firmwares are bad, but in my experience and in my situation with my devices, 374 LTS runs just better. Perhaps it's worth a shot in your case? Worse comes to worst, reverting to vanilla FW is super easy.


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Thanks for the reply, I am going to try that. I also have a new router being delivered today, so will be doing a lot of testing.


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So I have been using an Asus ROG GT-AC2900 instead of my old routers since I was getting sick of debugging and figured it was time for an upgrade. The router I received had a broken power button but I still could get it to turn on and in the past couple weeks I have had to reboot it 3 times. Twice because the 2.4ghz network dropped all clients and they couldn’t rejoin and once because speeds overall dropped to barely 3Mbps and returned to normal after rebooting. I like the features of Asus but starting to get annoyed with the issues.

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