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Slowness on Asus PCE-AX58BT with RT-AX86U Pro

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As the title says I am experiencing slowness with Asus PCE-AX58BT using the RT-AX86U router, with AX58BT I am having figures of 150 MBps download and 600Mbps upload and with a oneplus 7 pro (launched in 2019) 500 mbps download. Can anyone shed some ideas on why this is happening?


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Start with checking the connection properties in router's GUI first. If all looks good at the router - try with different drivers for you client after.


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Looks to be an Intel AX200 based card

Try manually installing latest drivers directly from Intel

There could also be other factors like antenna placement, distance from router, settings on router/device


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If you made an internet speed of the router itself, it gives me about 620Mbps both upload and download.

It is true that from the router to the arenas there is possibly a meter away, but my mobile is also at that distance.

After removing the driver that was installed and installing the following (https://www.intel.es/content/www/es...i-fi-drivers-for-intel-wireless-adapters.html), the speed seems to have improved to 241 mbps download and 578 mbps upload. What do you think? It's not little?


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After sending the previous message I have done another speedtest and the results are 198 mbps download and 600 mbps upload


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these are my wifi signals



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Counterintuitive as it may seem, try putting more space between the router and the WiFi adapter antennas - at 1m they're too near to each other!


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Due to the installation of the equipment, it is impossible for it to have a greater distance. Is there any other test that you can carry out with these characteristics, or does the problem mainly seem to be such a short distance between the devices?

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