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Small Business Network headache help

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New Around Here
I work for a small business that is in need with networking help.
Last Weeks Setup:
2 Simpleshare backup drives with 2 mirrors
1 maxtor fusion backup drive
1 vpn
1 netgear gs116 switch
1 linksys wireless b/g router
1 dsl modem
2 networked printers
16-20+ computers

Over the weekend:
Simpleshare->main backup HD died
(simpleshare has modified linux therefore cannot get any data from drive)

I have been looking for new ideas of what to do, I stumbled upon
which seems very close to what I want but I still have some questions about it.

Current Idea:
-broadband router - RV042
-24 port HP ProCurve 1800 managed switch
-wireless access point linksys?

Connect modem to wall--- connect rv042 to modem--- connect procurve 1800 to rv042 --- now what?
What we want:
Wireless and Wired network that can share data stored on a computer with 2 hard drives (1TB each) and share data with each other
no name resolution issues.. currently most computers cannot type a name of a different computer and see it... sometimes the ip doesnt even work... (all computers are connected wirelessly right now)
(storage computer will also be using SVN for software development)
we also are going to have an offsite backup as well

is the above hardware what I need?
Will this work for our company?
Can Wireless and Wired still communicate data to each other with above set up?
Is there any issues with this setup you forsee?
Do I need a managed switch for this, or can I get by with the switch we have?(maybe one with a few more ports?)
nightly back up ideas?

Thank you very much
I am a software engineer not a networking guru and any information is much appreciated
We are trying to make this as least of a headache without the headaches of installing a server
Thank you
Just a few thoughts.

- With only one router in your current (and planned) setup all machines should be able to communicate and find each other. If they can't it could be a network browse master issue. See How To: Tips for Fixing XP File and Printer sharing.
Of course if your DSL "modem" is really a router, that could cause problems too.
A simple connection diagram would be helpful in sorting that out.

- Your current switch should work fine. A managed switch can be helpful in larger setups, but it doesn't look like you need any managed features.
That setup will work fine. You don't need a managed switch, and a procurve wont really give you any tangible benefits over the switch you have now. That being said, in business environments, I always like to put in beefy switches like procurves (or Ciscos 2900's, but they're pricey) simply because I've experienced excellent stability w/ procurves, not to mention they have a lifetime warranty. An RV042 is a good choice for a router.

Like Tim said, all under one router and 1 switch you shouldn't have any fundamental communication problems.

As far as backup goes, usually a NAS-to-NAS backup is pretty solid if you want to avoid a server. You would still want something offsite though, be it over the internet or physical. Avoid using wireless for backup too, one little hiccup and your backup can get messed up.

Looks like you're on the right track.

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