Small feature request: enable pass_persist in snmpd


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Hi, all!

I've been trying to add some additional SNMP data to the data reported by ASUSWRT-Merlin so I could use similar dashboards for monitoring the ASUS router as I do for my DD-WRT routers, and am a little stumped. The feature I'm missing are stats on clients / signal strength by wireless interface. On my DD-WRT routers I get that via a script that turns the output of the "wl" command into SNMP data via "pass_persist". It turns out on ASUSWRT-Merlin that "snmpd" is build without "pass_persist" capability. I tried to work around this by using Entware's snmpd, but that breaks other base data that works in the in-firmware snmpd version (it somehow can't get the names of the wireless interfaces and replaces them by the PCI IDs of the chips that serve them, which means instead of "eth5" and "eth6", I get "Device 14e4:6710", which of course breaks things because now I have duplicate device names).

Rebuilding the snmpd with the following changes gets me the functionality I want, and seems like a small change given that the alternatives (replacing build-in snmpd with Entware snmpd) don't work in this case.

diff --git a/release/src/router/Makefile b/release/src/router/Makefile
index b16fe46af5..04cdce9401 100644
--- a/release/src/router/Makefile
+++ b/release/src/router/Makefile
@@ -6569,6 +6569,7 @@ net-snmp-5.7.2/stamp-h1:
+               ucd-snmp/pass_persist,\

Any thoughts on including this in the base ASUSRT-Merlin?



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I can try, but I can't confirm if this will work properly, under both uclibc and glibc.


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It works on my DDWRT routers, which I'm pretty sure are uclibc but I can confirm that tomorrow.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
It works on my DDWRT routers, which I'm pretty sure are uclibc but I can confirm that tomorrow.
DD-WRT actually switched to musl a few years ago.

I'm asking because I saw in the net-snmpd changelog that at some point they had to fix uclibc support for it. Since some of Asus's routers are using a fairly old version of uclibc, this will need to be tested.

I enabled it on the repo, we'll see the results during the 386.5 beta phase.


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Thanks @RMerlin both for correcting my late-night brain fart on DD-WRT (I should have known that, but apparently have repressed some of my arcane knowledge ;) ), and giving the change a whirl.

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