SmallNetBuilder's Router Market Share Report - Q1 2015

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I just came upon SNB's Market Share pie charts. And as one who's been in 802.11 since Proxim's RangeLan, and saw Linksys dominate the market, then get acquired by Cisco, now "dumped" on Belkin - I'm amazed to see Linksys at 8% share.

And the fast rise of ASUS and TP-Link in market share.

Curious too that the correlation of market share vs. "Top Ten" list is low, i.e., how the highly rated models aren't the brands with the big market shares. I suppose this is because highly rated means high price means smaller market share.

TP-Link being a notable exception. Where did TP-Link come from anyway?


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Indeed. TP-Link, they are exactly what I want. I first discovered them a few years ago when looking for Linux-compatible wireless devices. TP-Link was inexpensive and was using Atheros chips.

Over on the pfSense forum, people are raving about how great the managed Smart switches from TP-Link are.


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Keep in mind that the data set is limited and can be skewed by the SNB audience, which should skew toward more knowledgable networking consumers.

TP-LINK dominates consumer networking in China and I think EMEA.

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