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Smart Home Questionnaire

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,
I'm conducting a survey to understand perceptions around smart homes as part of my MSc in Digital Media. Your insights will be incredibly valuable in shaping the future of this field.
Link: https://forms.gle/gfUuej7727ffkBty5
Please note:
  • All responses will remain confidential and be used for research purposes only.
  • The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete, with 17 questions.
  • In case you're unfamiliar with the topic, smart homes are homes equipped with interconnected devices that can be remotely controlled, automated, and optimised to increase efficiency, security, and convenience for the residents. Notable applications include: security alarms, doorbells, thermostats, and fridges that can be interconnected for a user over a mobile application.
Thank in advance!
I'd like to add an additional insight! Much of my IoT has to be almost completely transparent - any demands my IoT makes on other household members have to be kept to an absolute minimum. I could have IoT do more, but if that imposes demands on users, then it's not going to happen!
Couldn't agree more with @Crimliar .

Anything that gets embedded in the house can't need demands on not just the family living in the house but the grandparents, the baby sitter, you name it. It's a characteristic people tend to forget/not think about - or ignore depending on their personal circumstance.

In an extreme case, a forum discussion about automated heating being all app controlled (and turned off when the home owner left the building) was answered with "if anyone else is there when I'm not they can just throw a log on the fire"...

Home automation is a great idea but right now it's too dependent on app based command and control.

Edit: Taking your question on non technical people being about to use smart technology as the example - it should be the case but right now going beyond basics just isn't possible without that technical knowledge.

I have a few thoughts/comments based on your questions but don't want to unduly influence your study. Feel free to pm me if you want me to elaborate on those thoughts.
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