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SmartHome - myQ integration for Chamberlain/Liftmaster and HomeAssistant

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Which means that you can only use their mobile app (which is monetized by ads)

TL;DR: The MyQ integration will be removed from Home Assistant in release 2023.12 on December 6, 2023. Chamberlain Group, the owners of MyQ, have released a public statement saying they will continue blocking access to third-party apps, like the MyQ integration. For current MyQ users we recommend ratgdo, a device that physically connects to your MyQ garage door opener and allows you to control it locally.

If you own a garage door opener from Chamberlain or Liftmaster, you are probably familiar with MyQ. It’s a cloud-based smart home brand owned by Chamberlain Group, best known for its smart garage devices. MyQ is also currently one of the most problematic integrations for Home Assistant users. The MyQ garage door opener integration has, for the past months, been in a state of constant repair as the integration breaks, is fixed, and then breaks again. This is a direct result of actions taken by MyQ to block access from third parties.
Many of my customers have disabled MyQ and just use their garage doors with local remotes. Much regret (from them) going with cloud-based 'services' for their garage doors, which I warned most of them about before they bought those systems.

One customer even has the garage door on its own breaker which he turns off when he's home (or away for extended periods). He really doesn't trust them.

This issue isn't new, btw. I had a few customers with similar issues at least two or three years ago (with MyQ). I told them back then they needed a better system (and today, it's only worse for MyQ owners).

When you buy products that rely on the goodwill of the manufacturer to keep working (with the features it was sold with), via cloud services, you're not buying once. You're buying continuously. And that is just a bad purchase decision from the start.
Some good idea’s here, I have my garage door openers on a smart plug which I turn off at night and when I am away from home.
I also use Eve door sensors to detect garage door opening with a 120V relay connected to a smart switch to enable remote close or open operations

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