SNMPD on GT-AX11000

Jeffrey Young

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You can have a read through this post. Different router, but basics are all there



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Thanks! Really dumb noob question... but how is opkg enabled?

I try and run it and just get:
-sh: opkg: not found

Jeffrey Young

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You need to install entware first vis AMTM (built in general utility script). You will need a USB key. See Merlin's general Wiki pages for details.


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Eugh I stupidly installed Asus Download Master to see if it included opkg before you sent that message...

Entware informs me this needs to be removed:

Running pre-install checks
Download Master appears to be installed
Entware and Download Master cannot be installed at the same time.
Uninstall Download Master in 'USB Application' first.

Correct above error first before installing Entware

But I don't see any option to remove Download Master in the USB Application view...

Screenshot 2021-11-26 110958.png

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