SNR Margin & Interleave Depth


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Hi all after some expert advice.
Why is it, when I first setup my DSL AX82U my SNR Margin is about 6 and my Interleave Depth is 4. But after a week connected my setting get worse to were SNR Margin can be 1 and interleave is 8. Is this ok and right?



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Your picture is too small to read.


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Here in the UK, the OpenReach cabinet will impose interleaving if necessary, and should conditions change remove it (after a period of time - could be several weeks). As the transition to fibre continues, OpenReach seems reluctant to replace lines unless they have reached a state of unusability.

(Again in the UK) Different modem chipsets, appear to work differently with different cabinets. Broadcomm based modem chipsets seem more likely to use interleaving than say Lantiq based modem chipsets - but the other connection properties leave the overall performance looking very similar.

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