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So Clay, or anyone else..... do ya think

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I haven't used the 336G nor have I used SSL VPN so I cannot comment.

The 336G reviews seem to be fairly good and Netgear seems to be regularly updating the firmware to address issues (a good sign because they sometimes ignore product issues). I haven't seen another SSL VPN router in this price category.

Its probably worth a try if you want the SSL VPN functionality. Just make sure you upgrade to the latest firmware.

We have the 336G Setup in a Dual Wan Classic Routing Mode. its currently Hooked up to a 20 megabit Metro Ethernet Connection on WAN 1 and and 3 Megabit ADSL line. We use a number of its features including Routing/ SSL-VPN/Firewall rules/ Bandwidth Policies (to some extent) and Multiple Local area Networks. There are no Latency Issues and my Network Monitoring Tools (orion) never report a CPU usage over 10% on average. We host a number of Things Behind it as well. Mail FTP Citrix and Secondary VPN clients being the most heavily used Traffic. I also have syslogging running on it. Minimal ACL's as it is a setup in a LAN-->Firewall--->firewall-->internet Setup. The lower case firewall is where it is setup in the logical setup.

So you would recommend it then?

I am looking for a strong firewall and SSL VPN - the FVS336G seems to do it all in one. However, it needs to be reasonably easy to set up - I am not a net guru!

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