SoftEther on RT AC86U

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is it possible to get Softether to run on a RT AC86U. i already have Asus merlin installed but would love to have Softether on my router. because it has a lot more options and is faster than OpenVPN


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IIRC, Softether is available via/ Entware, so that's one option. But it's NOT a built-in for the router's firmware. So all configuration and management will be CLI based. And you'll having to implement your own PBR (policy based routing), which imo is a significant burden the GUI lifts from the user's shoulders. Whatever additional options or features Softether may offer, it may not be enough to offset the loss of that particular feature in the Merlin firmware.

Jeffrey Young

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I was running SoftEtherVPN on my AC86U for a while. I used it as SE has a nice DDNS NAT punch through service that I was using at the time as I am behind a CGNAT and was having issues with my ISP not wanting to forward any ports.

The only wave that I had to overcome was the config file had to be edited to point to the IP address of the WAN (does not take interface names) every time the WAN address changed. To overcome that. I wrote a WAN-EVENT script to update SE config each time the WAN connected, if required. At the same time, I used the script to add SE's TAP interface to the br0 bridge so I did not have to use SE's NAT.

Here are some instructions I had wrote up for another user.


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