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I don't suppose there is one already that I've missed....

I've been a programmer for about 40 years now so know my way around the basics and have compiled on various hardware and software platforms but I am looking for information to be able to compile on the router directly.

A guide or info on how to get started would be great. This may seem trivial to many, but as I assume this means using entware, this is a new area for me as I've always had a more capable system (PC, Linux server, raspberry Pi, NAS,...) to work with. I'm pretty sure installing debian (pretty sure I saw instructions for that posted) would get me were I want to go as well since I'vee compiled on the RPi already, but it seems like overkill.

The short version is I'd like to compile a C program written for a D-Link NAS (arm). It doesn't use many libraries and they should be available, they just became outdated for the NAS environment I was using and no updates were available. The program parses torrent RSS feeds and passes the torrent info (if matched) to a transmission server running on a different NAS. I was able to port it to a aspberry Pi and correctly compile it there, but I'm a complete virgin at how to compile on one platform and run on another. Either solution, setting up a compiler environment on the router, or figuring out how to compile cross-platform would be fine with me. Target router RT-AX88U and possibly RT-AC68U.

Pointers? Thoughts? Rude remarks on my virgin-ness?

Something like this [http://www.shadowandy.net/2008/08/adding-compiling-capabilities-to-your-dns-323.htm] would be great, as that is what I used for the NAS.

This is the program i'd like to compile [https://github.com/1100101/Automatic] although I have a few code tweaks of my own.


p.s. if someone already has a working environment capable of compiling the above linked utility, I'd be happy to send them my mods. :) :)
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