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SOHO NAS to NAS Backup Advice on Purchase Please

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New Around Here
I currently have an HP MediaVault MV2120 running in a small business. I have upgraded to Raid 1. I have had 0 issues with speed or otherwise.

I now am thinking about doing a NAS -> NAS backup maybe with Rsync? This is where this HP is going to fall short.

So my question for you guys is this.... What would be the best NAS combo for me?

Requirements -> In the office (main unit)

2 drive unit (Raid 1).
BYOD is fine
Drives user replaceable
RSYNC or similiar
would like auto backup to USB hard drive

Requirements -> In the house (backup unit only)

1 drive unit

Other notibles ->

Im not looking to spend a ton. I have been VERY happy with my HP. So, speed is not an issue. I really only use it for the NAS. FTP would be nice, but not a deal breaker. I only use ~ 10gb currently. I am not brand specific, but would like a unit with very high uptime/reliability. Must be a user friendly GUI, i have a networking degree, so i understand all that very well.

Thank you in advance!


Would a Synology DS107 at home and DS207 at the office fit my bill? Seems like it has RSYNC and all kinds of other features... They are not the fastest in the world, but my HP isnt either and I've been happy with it.

Thanks in advance


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