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SOHO network upgrade: XT9 vs XT12 vs DECO vs switches

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New Around Here
Hi! I've been having issues with my Orbi Pro, so they're getting replaced and I'd like some opinions on where to put my money.

This is my current network:

List of gear I've been looking at:
XT12 - 450€
XT9 - 365€
DECO XE75 Pro - 240€
D-Link DMS-107/E - 72€
Netgear MS305 - 110€
Tenda TEM2010F - 75€

So, my initial plan would be to replace the Orbis (A) with the ASUS XT12, one of the reasons being the 2.5Gb ports. But as there's only two and one is reserved for WAN, it's pretty much useless because it won't link from my desktop to my local NAS (C) at 2.5Gb, even If I upgrade the switch (B) and my NAS ethernet card.
As alternatives, I could use Link Aggregation with 2x1Gb from the router to my local NAS or I could place a second 2.5Gb switch right after the router. But by doing that, is it worth it to go for the XT12 or the XT9 or even the DECO would be fine?
Other requirement for the router would be VPN server, preferably WireGuard, so that the remote NAS connects to my home network. I've read that both XT support it, but TP-Link is still rolling out the feature for DECO line.
I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that you care about the speed of the connection from the local NAS to the desktop? I'd try to get them both plugged into the same switch, preferably a 2.5G switch. That won't help much if the NAS can only do 1G, but it sounded like it might be able to link-aggregate two 1G ports? If so, get a managed switch that can handle link aggregation, and you're starting to get somewhere. I would try to have all the local equipment including the two APs plugged into that one switch.

Having done that, the 2.5G ports on the XT12 would only be useful if you're anticipating better-than-1G service from your ISP sometime soon. On the whole I'd be inclined to pinch pennies there for now and stick to the XT9. In a year or two when the price of wifi 6E or wifi 7 has come down out of the stratosphere, it'll make more sense to get a top-of-the-line AP.
You assume correctly, however at the moment it's not possible to plug both the NAS and desktop to the same device.
As for the NAS, both options are on the table: add a second 1Gb card for link aggregation or add a 2.5Gb card to upgrade the link. With the former, I can use two 1Gb ports from the XT12 and then use the 2.5Gb LAN port to connect to a new 2.5Gb switch on (B). Or get the XT9 and two 2.5Gb switches and link everything with 2.5Gb ethernet.
I think final cost would be about the same, just one option brings a higher end router while the other exchanges that for full 2.5Gb ethernet all the way without using LAG.

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