[Solved] Access to internal servers through VPN.

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I don't know if I am missing something or what?

I have a VPN Client connection established for one client on my network.
The VPN is on and "Force Internet traffic through tunnel" is set to "Policy Rules (strict)"
"Block routed clients if tunnel goes down" is YES
The clients IP is in the "Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel" and set to VPN

It is working perfect to force that client through the VPN. All services on the client are able to reach the internet just fine.

I was now trying to access apache on that client from outside of my network(remotely)
I have "Virtual Server / Port Forwarding" for the device working
-Works perfectly from within the network and from outside when the VPN is off

I have 2 dyndns names:
thing1 and thing2
thing1.dyndns.org is set from the Routers DDNS page so it is my Router's Public IP
thing2.dyndns.org is set from the client so it pushes the Public VPN address. I have verified this on dyndns website

I am able to access http://thing1.dnydns.com:5555/directory with the VPN OFF
I am not able to access http://thing2.dnydns.com:5555/directory with the VPN ON

What am i missing??


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So to let you all in on a little secret!!!!

It was an E.U. Issue

My Apache2 config(/etc/apache2/apache2.conf) used with DietPi was set to:
<Directory />
Require local

it needed to be:
Require all granted

When that was changed it did work as expected both from inside the VPN and outside as described above in both posts!!

Thanks all!

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