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[SOLVED] post own events to asus merlin system log


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is it possible to post an event to the syslog from a sh script on /jffs?
I found logger but "logger -s -p user.info Testing" doesnt do it.



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Your command worked for me via the command line. What happens for you? Anything?

Ronald Schwerer

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funny now it works on mine as well.
Maybe sometimes the log entry got delayed due to buffering. Try doing a sync, then check the log.
Using logger on my 68U (ASUS firmware) I've noticed a long latency before the message shows up in syslog. I've since added a couple sync commands and it seems better.
This seems strange since every Linux system I've worked on the log messages were explicitly flushed. But those were system library calls, not a stand-alone busybox program.
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