SOLVED - TAP OpenVPN to have VPN reach Dual WAN Router IP configuration IP

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Good day.

This is more of a cosmetic/learning request than anything else.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have had to set up a TAP OpenVPN with my Asus RT-AX88U (MI) running 384.1.2 (newest) and a NetGear R7000 (PHX) with newest firmware. That has been configured. These are about 2000km away/100ms average. We'll call it MI and PHX. I have setup a .128 subnet - I DHCP'ed out that between and .99 is MI - .103 and .126 is PHX. Devices all talk to each other successfully.
I did run into an issue with DHCP sharing - fixed that issue, DHCP does not share anymore and have new devices connect on the other VPN network. That has been solved.
I have a Dual WAN set up in MI. Load Balance 9/1 between a fixed wireless and ADSL. All works well. the ADSL is a Frontier router that is on DMZ and sends the LAN Ethernet Port 1 the WAN IP address.
I have two routes set up for that - one for my work connection (while I am there in MI)- and one to have all connections connect to the ADSL router configuration IP address ( This normally works. My work connection VOIP is routed through the secondary WAN (IP of machine to IP of VOIP server) the fixed wireless drops packets too much for the VOIP. - all works well locally on my laptop with this route.
If I am my MI network - I can connect to the ADSL/secondary router via HTTP using to do configuration/reboots/etc.
I would like to be able to connect to the .254 router from the PHX network, instead of remote desktop into a MI machine and http to When I ping that IP from PHX, I get timed out, HTTP does not work either.
This is very cosmetic and other issues in this forums are more important, but I'd love your thoughts and feedback of how I can accomplish such if you have free time. I would like a backup though - I've had to send someone back home to locally reboot equipment.

Edit - I put a static route on PHX to of SN .128 thru and that worked. Would be curious of other solutions.
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