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Some questions about my 4 ASUS Router/Node AIMESH setup

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by RDUMesh, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. RDUMesh

    RDUMesh New Around Here

    Jul 12, 2018
    So I have the following setup
    1 - RT-AC68U Rev B acting as Master AP with Cat 6 in LAN 1 Port (not using as my router - only as access points into my 10/1000 Switch
    1 - RT-AC68U AP Node with Cat 6 in Wan Port
    1 - RT-AC1900P AP Node with Cat 6 in Wan Port
    1 - RT-AC68P AP Node with Cat 6 in Wan Port

    All these devices have the same most current firmware and seems to be working fine. Few things I noticed along with some questions

    1. Had to manually switch the Nodes to use the Wired Backhaul as they did not seem to want to do it automatically. Is this normal?

    2. Notices some of the Apple Devices with only do ~120Mbps to 200Mbps using speedtest.googlefiber.net but a Apple Macbook Pro or HP Specter X360 in the same room will get 400 to 450Mbps (full rated speed of the net connection here) This is consistent at most points in the house. Apple devices tested are iPhone X and iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 - all connected to the 5GHz

    I'm wondering since I have multiple AP's (2) upstairs and (2) downstairs - the default wireless settings (both normal and professional) are the best for my specific setup or things should be fine tuned? ASUS only said to change 5Ghz to 80Mhz bandwidth and 2.4Ghz to 40Mhz bandwidth. I have everything currently at defaults.