spdMerlin V4.4.1 stuck


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I have installed the script but in the web-ui I get "Data Loading..." and no progress since days...
When I try to open it in amtm "j4" I get "upgrading data base..." and it remains stuk like that until I make a ctrl+C.

How can I fix this ? Shall I reset amtm ?
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What router do you have? What firmware is it running?

Do you have a USB drive for amtm and swap file use? How were those installed?


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You are right, I missed several information.

My Router is RT-AC86U and I'm running the latest Merlin Software 386.3.2.
I have a USB drive for amtm with a 2 Gb Swap file (6.2 Mb used)
I also have Diversion installed and reboot scheduler script

I do not remeber how I have installed , it was done at least one year ago. (I guess I followed the forum sugestion and the standar procedure built in in the latest Merlin FW for amtm)

I just wonted to try this spdMerlin script but it remained stuck as explained above.


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If your amtm setup was done over a year ago, you were running RMerlin 384.19_0 (as the most up-to-date firmware then).

I would suggest you need to fully reset your router and minimally and manually configure it to secure it and connect to your network.

First, remove all USB devices from the router. Do not insert again until you have completed all the steps below.

  • Perform a full reset on your router via the link below, be sure you follow the directions for your model.
  • On the USB drive used for amtm, save any files you deem necessary (none are to me, we will be re-installing all from scratch).
  • Insert that same USB drive into a PC and format it as NTFS. Now, put it to the side, for now.
  • Without using a saved backup config file, set up the router again to connect to your ISP and secure it. Minimally and manually. The link below may help with best practice suggestions.
  • After the router is working as expected, insert the USB drive and format it as Ext4 with journaling. Create the 2GB swap file. Enable the disk checker utility. See the link below for further details.
  • Now, reboot the router two or three times and ensure that the disk checker utility shows it as clean.
  • Install the scripts you want.

Note, others may be able to get your current install working. What I'd be worried about with that is that other bugs (fixable or non-fixable) may surface again shortly and the above process would be needed anyway.

Your current router use and setup have put the router/network into an unstable and unknown state. The steps above will get your router to a good/known state once again and allow you to use it as you expect. With the greatest performance, it is capable of.

Some more links that you may find helpful.

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Hello L&LD, thanks for the feedback.
Yes, this is the last chance.
I have so many personal settings, MAC filter, port routing etc... that I am not sure to make everything working in a short time unless I restore a config file (and this is not the case withi your proposed action).

I do not have issue with my router and the only problem is this spdMerlin script that is somehow stuck.

For the time being I will remove it from cron and I will delete the script manually from script folder.
I will try a script reinstall but if this will continue not working I will remain without that until the router is well behaving.

Thanks again


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The visible issue with spdMerlin is only the tip of the iceberg.

Your router is not in a good/known state.

Only a full reset and an M&M install will fix the (real) problem.


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Thank you Jack Yaz.
So far I have removed it from Corn and manually deleted the script from the script folder.

Then I have reinstalled Diversion because there was something not working and during the Diversion reinstall I have seen a warning that my personal DNS were removed (probably they were somehow interfeering ). After that I reinstalled spdmerlin and this time everything went well.

Thnaks again for the assistance.

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