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Special Characters and Belkin N+ Wireless Router (F5D8235-4)

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New Around Here
Problem with copying files (containing special characters) to SimpleTech 500Gb external HD connected to NAS port on router. Examples listed below... Note: All contain a special character of some sort...

Hardware in use: PC running XP Pro, Belkin router (current firmware) and SimpleTech 500Gb drive.

Software in use (when issue identified): Allway Sync

Issue and Troubleshooting undertaken: At first thought this was a software issue (Allway Sync) and contacted their support. Initial post below...

I'm currently evaluating your software and find it to be exactly what I'm looking for... However, after finally getting the hang of configuring, etc., I'm left with a perplexing issues.... There are a number of files (mostly Bookmarks but a few files as well) that refuse to be backed up... The most logical reason I can come up with is: Most, if not all of them have at least one special type character embedded in them... i.e. trademark symbol, norweign O, a star, copyright symbol, etc. As a quick simple test of this hypothesis, I changed the special character 'µ' in "\Desktop\µTorrent.lnk" listed below as examples with a regular 'u'... Result: Back up successful....

\Favorites\Computer & Software\Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine.url
\Favorites\Computer & Software\Laptop Repair Help » Laptop Service Manual.url
\Favorites\Genealogy Research\The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC), University of Tromsø, Norway.url
\Favorites\Union Oyster House, Boston, MA—Seafood and History at America's Oldest Restaurant.url
\Favorites\Copper Cookie Cutters ★ Copper Gifts - CopperGifts.com.url
\3 Jim's Documents\Cooking\Entrée Crepes.doc
\5 Maps\Puerto Peñasco.est

Actions taken to-date [results]: 1) manually copy same files from C: location to SimpleTech 500Gb HD connected via Belkin N+ Router [fail] 2) copy same files from C: location to another C: location [success] 3) copy same files from C: location to thumb drive connected direct to PC [success] 4) copy same files from C: location to another 150Gb external HD connected direct to PC [success] 5) disconnect SimpleTech HD and connect direct to PC and copy same files from C: location to direct connect SimpleTech HD [success] 6) Have submitted issue to Belkin Support [no response yet]

Has anyone experienced this type of issue before? Any suggestions, etc. to resolve? Any insight and/or support would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Jim - Tucson, AZ
I'm curious how fast your NAS drive is jwgnle, I've the same router and find it great in everyday use and blazingly fast for file transfers, HD streaming.
TDream -

Just saw your post... Sorry for the delay.

In answer to your question about how fast NAS drive is... It's NOT. So much so that I've disconnected it and reconnected to my main desk top system (via USB) which has a CAT5 to the router (so everyone on network can access - if it's on).... Much faster this way. Both for my desk top access as well as for all of the wireless devices in the house hitting it.

If you have any ideas on why it's not blazingly fast for me or you have a special configuration setup, let me know. I am now running a Western Digital 1 Tb external (vs the SimpleTech drive I originally posted with)... BTW - They happen to be on sale right now at Newegg ($98)... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136321

Other than the NAS speed, the router has been fantastic. My previous router (a Linksys) had to be restarted multiple times a day. Was constantly dropping connections and not allowing users to reconnect. Tried the Belkin (first one) and have been extremely happy ever since. Strong signal throughout the house (two-story), never drops a connection (unless Comcast goes down) and have never needed to restart it (other than firmware and other configuration tweaks) due to connectivity issues, etc...
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