Specify node preference in the AiMesh?

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I have 2-AX3000 and an AC68U setup in an AiMesh. Been dealing with a few issues. Nothing a reboot of the router hasn’t resolved yet. Recently, I turned off the SmartConnect, specified 2 separate SSIDs for the 2.4 and 5. Hooked the mobile Apple devices to the 5. And that’s where I set until next time I have internet connectivity issues.

BUT, one thing I’ve notice in the last two times of connectivity issues is this....
I was looking at the Asus app, and the AX node was connected to the AC node, then the AC node was connected to the AX router. This was visually via the app, of course. After I rebooted the router and it settles, both nodes are then connected to the router.

Got me to wondering if there’s a way to specify a preference, so the AX node doesn’t jump over to the AC node. Anyway to accomplish this?

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I've seen something similar. My setup is two AC86Us w/ Ethernet Backhaul.

I added a 3rd node to connect via WiFi, a older 68U... and it wants to connect (as seen in the Asus App) to the distant Mesh node - not the main router.

I KNOW its being stupid since my physical characteristics of my property is like this...

Workshop (+10' elevation) (separate Building)
Mesh Node #1 (AC86U)
House |<--- 120' Ethernet --->|
Main Router (AC86U)
Boat Dock (-20 Elevation) |<--- 70' --->|
Mesh Node #2 AC68U WiFi|

The dock, house and workshop are lines up linearly. The dock cannot see the workshop since its directly behind the house. However the Mesh node on the dock wants to WiFi connect to the node that's nearly 200' away and +30 in elevation.

So I'm wondering the same thing - can we manually specify the topology of the nodes?


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So happened again! iPhone was connected to 5G. Had to hook over to 2.4G to tend to a device. Hooked back to 5G, and it indicated No Internet. Dooh!!!!! Checked my ip, it was the self-assigned 169.x.x.x. Connected back to 2.4G. Looked at the Asus app to see what the mesh looked like visually. Sure enough, AX node connected to the AC node, then AC node hooked to AX router. Unplugged the AC node, then the AX node connected to the AX router. Was then able to then connect my iPhone back to the 5G network.

I’m perplexed why the AX node keeps jumping off the AX router and onto the AC node.

Maybe this AiMesh ain’t all that! [emoji2371]

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