Speed differences when connected by ethernet to router or nodes?


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My main router AX86U (connected directly to the ONT) and has two ethernet connected AC68U mesh nodes. All routers are have been upgraded to Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 firmware. I have Centurylink 940 Mbps service. When my computer is connected directly to the AX86U via ethernet, I get most of my provisioned speeds (approximately 850 up/down) using the computer’s speedtest.net program. However, when I connect via ethernet directly to either node my speeds are decreased by half. Both nodes are set up with ethernet backhaul enabled to the AX86U. Is this speed decrease normal and caused by the mesh network (even though I’m hard wired the whole way) or is something not working or set up correctly? Any suggestions to remedy this are appreciated.


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Known AC68U firmware issue when the router is used in AiMesh. You have to wait for Asus to fix it.



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@Tech9, thanks for the information. I reinstalled Asuswrt-Merlin firmware 386.3.2 on both nodes (but not the AX86U) and it corrected the problem. I am no seeing symetrical up/down speeds in excess of 800Mbps, whether through a browser, the speedtest.net pc program, or the embedded router speedtest.

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