Speedtest giving strange value


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Correct. It's somewhat useable if you have ports open or you want to limit yourself outbound. Even with ports open the access is password/certificates protected and there is no guarantee the "attacker" IP will be in blocklists. Also, it's IPv4 only and does even less with IPv6 enabled. Many Skynet users believe what is shown as blocked by Skynet was going to go through without Skynet. This assumption is incorrect.
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Thank you for the info. I'm trying Skynet now with inbound off and outbound monitoring on. Initial UI speedtests show similar results. Will play with it for a day or two to see what it looks like. Note IPv6 disabled on my network.


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I see.

So, in theory, there is no real need for skynet, or am I missing something?

Yes, you are missing something. You're listening to the wrong advice.

Skynet offers another layer of security. Nothing is slowed down.

Much better to have it than not.


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Everyone is free to run whatever he/she finds suitable. The technical details stay the same.



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By the way, just to chip in with my experience, it seems I was having issues due to CPU spiking. After a few days the router always needed a reboot to get back into proper speeds.
I noticed the CPU cores spiking really bad when I was having issues.

Solution: Bought an AX86U :p

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