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Split Online/Offline Backup

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I just bought a ReadyNas Duo and I am trying plan out my new digital life having a home based server. One of the things that I want to take advantage of is Netgear's Online Backup offering called Vault. I plan on using the Duo as the central repository for files - primarily photos and MP3s - that will be used by the whole family.

What i am struggling with is the 5 gb account capacity in the Vault product. I've got roughly 20gbs of files (and constantly growing) right now. I know that I can pay for extra capacity and back everything up online, but that will get expensive quickly.

So I'd like to split my backups -- most of the older files don't change and I am comfortable burning DVDs (multiple copies and stored off-site) with these files. I want to use Vault backup in real-time or nightly, only the newly changed files that are not archived to DVD.

My first thought is to just have folders with the older files that I would exclude from the Vault. But that doesn't work because of the folder structure that I need for things like ITunes precludes me from doing that (i.e., there is one Bruce Springsteen folder that might be archived today -- but when the new album comes out its going to go become a new sub-folder in the same artist folder).

I know that the Vault software allows for incremental backups. But what I am looking for is something that allows me to keep a baseline full backup offline, with only incremental changes going to the on line backup.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can get there, I'd appreciate hearing them.

I use ReadyNAS Vault. It has had its problems and was extremely slow. But they have fixed that and things are getting better over time.

ReadyNAS Vault doesn't do what you want. You can exclude file types from the backup and select folders. But file create/modify date isn't in the filter criteria.

What I have done is select only my business-critical files for Vault backup. Otherwise I rely on a two stage backup for everything else (primary files on PCs, first backup on ReadyNAS NV+, which is daily backed up to a Buffalo LinkStation).

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