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Sprint Airrave and EVDO aircard

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Ok, I did not know where to post this but here goes.....

We live on a ranch with no available internet connection EXCEPT Sprint wireless broadband. Our phones do not work well in the house. We have a Cradlepoint mbr 1000 as the router for the Sierra 598U aircard over the sprint network.

This signal strength for the aircard is half of what it could be in the city, so we get about 1 meg down and .40 up.

Sprint sent us the airwave for free to hook up to our router. I am curious of what is going to happen when this airwave is going to be connected to the router that holds our Aircard.

Any thoughts?? If not, I wil let you know when I try it.
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The .40 (400Kbps) up could be a problem depending on the VoIP codec it uses.
I suspect that if no one is using Internet while you're on a call using Airwave that the call will be ok.

If someone is doing a big download or upload, I suspect you may get degraded call quality.
I did a lot of research thiggins and looking in the manual for the Airave. Its actually 40kbps, not .40. 40kbps=.04mbs. That's not that bad at all. I think it might work. Still waiting for it to activate though.

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