SSH access from guest networks (merlin 386.1/AX6000)


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Dear fellow tweakers,

I've been using for years now merlin + yazfi, have some knowledge in sysadmin, however not as advanced in network configuration.

I as well have the main ssid routed to VPN ( through ip rules in VPN client config )
I have setup different guest networks with yazfi, routing through different VPN clients. This works well.

I can access intranet + ssh while connected through the main SSID( range ), but I'm unable to do so while connected to the guest networks ( Connection refused. (even if intranet access is enabled in guest settings). I did set policy rules to NOT STRICT in VPN config

I checked in iptables -L, could not check any restriction for that

What I would like to achieve, is to be able to restart router VPN clients through command line through ssh (which works well when I am connected to the main SSID) but also when I am connected on guest wifis

in advance, thanks a lot for your inputs!

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